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Small Businesses Should Outsource Marketing

The biggest mistake small businesses do is to completely ignore marketing!

For small businesses hiring a marketing professional to take care of marketing is a big cost, that’s why the standard marketing small businesses do looks a bit like this:

  1. Order flyers or Business cards, and sometimes both.
  2. Hire a kid to distribute flyers in mail boxes or in streets nearby.
  3. Hire an advertising agency to build a site. Or even sometimes use free online sites.
  4. Create a facebook page and ask an employee to take care of it, for a monthly bonus.

Even though all the above steps are important, none is differentiating the small business from all the others, thus you have the impression that marketing is useless … it is not, you are just doing it wrong !

Here’s why the 4 things above yield different results when done professionally:

  1. Are the flyers or business card compelling your customers to check your service? Exactly! Design matters!
  2. Is the kid distributing correctly, or is he/she just standing like a tree with a flyer in his/her hand? Is he engaging people?
  3. A website is great. But what about SEO & ranking & visibility ?
  4. What is your employee’s experience in social media marketing or content marketing? Yeah, that’s exactly what i thought!

Small Businesses Should Outsource Marketing

And here’s a list of why you should outsource marketing as a small business:

  1. Much cheaper than hiring someone to take care of your marketing.
  2. Because you will always need design pros to help you with a lot of the branding.
  3. Because you need to be on top of results when customers look you up online.
  4. Because you need to have a good reputation management.
  5. Because you will need creative ideas to bring in customers.
  6. Because you will need to target your customers precisely.


Case Study: 20 000 Social Media interaction in 7 days

One of our clients, a restaurant owner was on the verge bankruptcy, we were referred to him by another client, so he decided to give us a try … We identified the problem, which was basically that his restaurant was no longer “cool” enough for the younger generation, and not classy enough for the other purposes meetings…
We solved this by first identifying the target clients, then preparing and finally launching a specific competition, all while putting maximum marketing power around this competition, within 7 days the campaign registered 20 000 social media interaction, and the event was a huge success, but more importantly we devised a plan to bank on this event … 6 months later, the restaurant is full almost 7 days a week!